Research & Reporting


If you have been awarded a grant before, you understand what comes along with the receipt of funding is the responsibility to report on a set of metrics regarding your progress and impact toward the identified benchmarks and goals included in your grant proposal.

The process of grant reporting can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. Reporting is a key component to helping assure your investor that you are achieving success with their funding and you are going above and beyond in your performance measures.

Reporting correctly, on time and knowing how to best articulate the work you’re accomplishing is key to solidifying additional investments from your funder.

Meraki can take on managing the reporting and tracking for your grants. Our team offers advice to ensure that you are setting realistic but competitive goals and we help manage each step of the process.


For content development or for assistance with marketing collateral it helps to showcase unique and competitive comparisons and aspects of your work that positions you to STANDOUT in your market.

Meraki can help conduct in-depth market research to illustrate what you offer and what makes your business second to none.

Additionally, research can be coupled with a grant, technical writing, or content development, depending on the nature of the project.

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