HR Support

As a small business, start-up business, or nonprofit, you may not have a Full-Time employee to dedicate to supporting your team. Allow Meraki Strategic Group to help!

Meraki has experience working with small businesses helping develop infrastructure to support the functions of managing personnel and developing processes and procedures as well as forms and structure to allow for seamless recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and ongoing management.

You don’t want to put your business at risk. Failure to follow federal and state labor laws can have significant consequences. It’s crucial that you understand how to maintain your employee’s personal records in accordance to regulation. It’s important (and the law) that you are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Being EOE compliant is an important aspect of running a competitive, legal, and profitable business.

Here are some examples of how Meraki can help you with your HR Support

  • E-Verify SupportDID YOU KNOW… According to federal employment law an employee must be screened through E-Verify within 3 days of their hire to confirm citizenship? Ensure that your company is not at risk for not checking verification with the right documents, at the right time.
  • I-9 VerificationDID YOU KNOW… There is a specific way in which an I-9 must be stored to ensure you are compliant with federal employment and labor laws?
  • Create Onboarding Documents Allow Meraki to customize all of the hiring and evaluation forms you will need to ensure you are tracking and keeping records correctly from the time an employee begins with the company.
  • Customized Application for Employment – Does the idea of getting more money back on tax credits interest you? Capturing the right data on a job application is where qualification starts.
  • Develop Internal Processes for Evaluation, Applications, Screening Candidates, and Onboarding
  • Develop Customized Employee Handbook HEARD OF… “CYA” – a thoroughly developed handbook is crucial to ensuring that you have advised your employees on all policies and procedures and can be a huge assistance to reference on things like wrongful unemployment claims
  • Develop Employee Recognition Programs DID YOU KNOW… pay isn’t the #1 reason employees leave a company? It’s work satisfaction! Keeping your employees happy is a great way to keep them engaged and productive!
  • Track Career Laddering and Develop Internal Growth Structure – You want to keep good employees; good employees always want to know what their growth potential is—allow Meraki to develop career ladders within your organization and what goals and skills need to be achieved to create upward mobility and generate excitement for your top performers!
  • Write Interview Questions DID YOU KNOW… to be a true Equal-Opportunity-Employer (EOE) you must ask each applicant for each position the same specific set of questions?

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what Meraki Strategic Group can offer, ask how we can customize something to help you with your HR Support!

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